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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  March 19, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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4:59, 58 degrees. another pretty warm start for this time of the year. we've just spectacular spring weather. >> they after day after day it seemed. although sunday was a little -- >> cooler in the morning. >> for some folks. >> we're complaining about, that right? >> depends on what you like. >> misty and -- >> yeah. especially the start of the day. today the same way, too. we've got a lot of clouds out there now. we're expecting showers before long, as well. let's head over and look at today. temperatures not too bad, between 70 and 75 degrees. showers around the area albeit light showers. for the cherry blossoms with peaks starting tomorrow, i don't think we'll have major wind or heavy rain to take down the blooms. we're at 56 degrees now with a calm wind. it is the wind as light as it is that's allowing a little fog to form. 50s to the north. mid 50s. at 51 degrees at ft. belvoir. the rain, you can see it advancing eastward on radar. frostburg, petersburg, toward
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charlottesville. by the time we get to 7:00, it will be around rappahannock county, culpeper county. by 9:00 into d.c. a few showers at 9:00 a.m. by noontime, still a chance for showers, keep the umbrella handy. we'll see a high today of 75 and to the low 70s by 6:00. danella? good morning. still checking things on the beltway. seems to still have the inner loop, this is as you make your way to arlington boulevard, two right lanes blocked by a single overturned victim. but it looks like you're having no issues as you make your way by. stick to the left side. now, checking live cameras along i-66, no issues westbound. eastbound, very -- very light volume at this time. still pretty good travel speeds. 61 miles per hour, making your way from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. no issues on i-66 either. travel speeds, 54 miles per hour from the beltway to glebe. that trip only taking seven minutes at this time. still checking the rails, they open with no delays reported on the metro, marc, and vre.
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over to you. >> thank you very much. 5:01. we have breaking news. a gunman opened fire at a jewish school in southern france killing at least three people including two children. witnesses say the man started shooting at a drop-off point outside the school in the town. the gunman is still on the loose as he was able to leave the scene by hopping on a scooter. we are monitoring the latest developments out of france and will have the latest information on the story throughout the morning. today the army staff sergeant accused of killing 16 civilians in article is getting -- afg hanistan is getting ready to meet with his attorney. >> the high-profile attorney, john henry brown, is in kansas this morning. we expect that he'll start building a defense for staff sergeant robert bales when they sit down for the first time today. brown landed at the kansas city airport last night and was immediately bombarded by reporters trying learn more about his client. bales is accused of going on a murderous rampage in two
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afghanistan villages over a week ago. 16 people including nine children were killed. bales is a decorated soldier who served three combat tours in iraq and had been in afghanistan since december. he suffered a traumatic head injury in iraq and was said to be upset it his deployment to -- to be upset about his deployment to afghanistan. issues his attorneys will dig into along with the possibility of post traumatic stress disorder. >> i don't know anything specifically about. i know he had a con cussive head injury which can be as serious or more serious than ptsd. i don't know yet. >> brown also says that bales' family is stunned in the face of the tragedy but stand behind the man they know as a devoted husband, fathers, and dedicated member of the armed services. and staff sergeant bales has three attorneys teamwork civilian, one military lawyer, and again, today they should all have conversations about his defense. >> wow. >> that's not typical
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necessarily to have that many attorneys. >> in a case it is -- at least to have in a military and civilian attorney. >> right. one other attorney is likely assisting john henry brown who is the primary, lead attorney in this case. a lot to consider and a lot that they're going to have to try to build the case around going forward. >> yeah. and we're likely a long way from any trial because there are many steps in a military court-martial that they have to go through before nay get to a trial. >> yeah. he hasn't even been charged yet. they still -- all the paperwork has to a commander to see if there is enough to charge him before the trial gets started. >> aaron gilchrist. thank you very much. d.c. police are still searching for the suspect in a deadly stabbing inside a nightclub. it happened early yesterday morning at a club called the library along 12th street in northeast. the victim's name has not been released. police are asking for anyone who knows anything about the case to come forward. just a few feet from the nightclub, a driver crashed into a building. this happened yesterday in the 3500 block of 12th street
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northeast. witnesses tell news4 the driver backed into the building while trying to parallel park. >> as he was backing up and reversing, he must have -- his foot must have hit the pedal and he went -- jackknifed into this storefront. >> a father who was in the path of the van saw what was happening and pushed a stroller with his daughter inside out of harm's way. no one was injured. no word on whether the driver will face any charges. the group deaf reach, inc., has its headquarters in the building. engineers are now surveying the damage to determine what repairs are needed. tonight, culpeper county residents are expected to petition to remove their sheriff who's involved in a potential misconduct scandal. in 1996, sheriff scott jenkins helped put michael hash behind bars for murder. hash was released from jail last week after a federal judge accused police and prosecutors of what he calls outrageous misconduct. the police and prosecutors in the case are accused of
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concealing a plea deal with another man accused in the murder. they were also accused of not revealing failed polygraph test and lying about an informant's role. yesterday the sheriff denied all wrongdoing. >> as soon as it is allowed, i will answer your questions. i will give details. and if possible, i'll even show the recorded video interrogations from the investigation and make those public to you in a town hall meeting. you can see what i did for yourself. >> the county prosecutor in the case has already resigned but denied any wrongdoing, as well. a special prosecutor is currently deciding whether to retry michael hash. another win for mitt romney in dwiecision 2012. the republican presidential candidate picked up all 20 delegates in puerto rico. he's looking ahead to the next contest in illinois. romney says he is the only candidate who can beat president obama in november's general election. rick santorum and newt gingrich both have said that they plan to
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stay in the race. according to "the new york times," santorum's advisers are trying to persuade delegates to switch candidates if romney is the projected nominee at june's republican convention. and the candidates are now looking ahead to the primary entertainment mr. obama's home state of illinois. 54 delegates are up for grabs in that contest. illinois is a so-called loophole primary which means that there's a popular vote and also a separate vote for the 54 delegates. santorum is only eligible for 44 of those delegates because he's not on the ballot in all of illinois's districts. santorum says he guarantees, though, that he will become the party's presidential unemploymenominee if he wins tomorrow's primary. polls have shown republican voters, though, favor romney in that moderate midwestern state. and right now, romney is well ahead in the republican race with more delegates than all of his competitors combined. he has a total of 521 delegates going into tomorrow's contest. santorum, 253.
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gingrich, 136. ron paul has 50. a candidate needs 1,144 delegates to become the republican presidential nominee. 5:08 the time. 57 degrees. feeling the pain at the pump. what you can expect to pay the next time you stop to get gas and when we could see prices finally start to drop. threatening violence, who an occupy sproifrt accused of targeting as the group clashes with police in new york. last week's weather was about as good as it gets k. we get an encore? people! look at you!
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baltimore optioned a 19-year-old phenom to aaa skois. harper mostly struggled this spring with the club -- i wouldn't call it struggling. hit .286 but didn't have runs. he told the "washington post" he's not happy with the decision but will work hard and hopes to be back up with the nationals soon. he am be playing center field -- he'll be playing center field with skoiyracuse. we'll see him early summer. >> let's check in with
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meteorologist veronica johnson in for tom. weather & traffic on the 1s. hey there. we're winning again in the weather game. temperatures pretty warm out there. a little cool for some. might need a jacket. but warm for the afternoon. we're going to be back into the 70s this morning. here we're starting out at 50 to 57 degrees across the area. again, a little cool for somewhere you need the jacket. and the umbrella you'll need, too. there's the rain on storm 4 radar advancing to the east for the day later today. high of 75 degrees. so low to mid 50s, getting up to 75 later on. danella? good news, veronica. if you are traveling the inner loop, had a crash. it's not out of the beltway. this was at arlington boulevard. all your travel lanes are open. now, checking the beltway in montgomery county, no issues to report at this time. a live look at new hampshire avenue, volume very light, again, accident free. you're at 61 miles per hour on outer loop speeds. no issues in prince george's county. back to you both. >> thank you very much. 5:12. 58 degrees. ahead on "news4 today," was the shooting death of a teen really
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so you think he's yelling help? >> yes. >> what is your -- >> just -- there's gunshots. >> three weeks after a deadly shooting in florida, a community is questioning if the incident was in self-defense or whether it was racial profiling. george zimmerman shot and killed 17-year-old trevan martin. the neighborhood watch volunteer said the teen looked suspicious and had his hand in his waistband. it turns out that martin was
5:17 am
unarmed and only carrying a bag of candy, money, and a can of iced tea. police say at this point they have no reason to arrest zimmerman. others say martin was targeted because of his race. >> the issues of racial profiling start says when george zimmerman reported a suspicious person because treyvan was black, walking slow, and had a hoodie on. >> martin's family is calling on the fbi to investigate. police have turned the case over to the state's attorney's office. we are following a developing story. police in new york city are looking into what they believe are threats made by an occupy wall street protester. the protester tweeted, "we won't make a difference unless we kill a cop or two." this past weekend marked the six hoof month anniversary of the occupy wall street movement at scrzuccotti park. hundreds returned to the park saturday to mark the christopher. police detained at least 7 people during the protest.
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rioters threw flares and molotov cocktails during a soccer match at the olympic stadium in athens, greece, and set fire to the stands. the chaos forced referees to end the game early and pull players off the field. the violence started even before the game when teens and young adults tried to enter the stadium without tickets. at least 20 officers were hurt. police arrested 50 people. today apple shareholders have a close -- will keep a close eye on the company. the technology giant is expected to announce what it plans to do with nearly $100 billion in stockpiled cash. apple's chief executive tim cook told shareholders last month that they had more money than what's needed to run the company. there are hopes the company will issue a dividend which is a payout from corporate profits to its shareholders. and according to a research firm, the new ipad is costing apple more money to make. the firm i supply took apart the newest version of the tablet and estimates it cost about $364 to make each one. 9% more than what it took to
5:19 am
build the ipad 2. despite the increase in prices, the new ipad sells for the same price as the old one, the ipad 2. look for relief at the pump in the weeks to come. according to aaa, the average in is $3.83 a gallon now, the highest for this time of the year. analysts expect prices to peak in late april or early may, then prices could retreat for the second half of the year. according to aaa drivers in the district are paying $4.07 for a gallon of gas. in maryland, $3.86. drivers in virginia are paying $3.75 a gallon. in west virginia, an average of $3.88. and beginning today, general motors is extending production of the chevy volt leaving 1,300 workers without a job for five weeks. the automaker wants to lower its inventory because fewer people are buying the electric car. g.m. sold just over 1,600 volts this year. that is much less than what is needed to break its goal of
5:20 am
sending 60,000 volts for the year. this morning people in north platte, nebraska, are assessing damage from two tornadoes. look at this picture that shows one of the tornadoes. a railroad worker says the tornado traveled on the ground sorry several minutes. no death have been reported but two people were injured. both are expected to be okay. people in fairfax county will be getting ready for the worst today during a tornado drill. the three-day emergency exercise is called "operation enduring collaboration." the scenario will be a major tornado outbreak. the last tornado in the county hit on march 10, 2011. fortunately no one was injured, and there was only minor damage to homes and buildings in the area. all right. now 5 -- 5:21. we're checking in with meteorologist veronica johnson for the latest on the forecast here. we've had mild weather around the d.c. area. that we have.
5:21 am
it's been a little overcast. i don't think zeal severe weather today or the next couple of days. today, 73 in frederick. 75 in d.c. 76 degrees, fredericksburg. 77 in culpeper. a little cooler near the water. 66 in annapolis, 68 in pax river. again, rain moving into our area. in fact, by 9:00, in d.c. we could have showers. we're in the 50s now, 56 reagan national airport. winds are calm. you can see d.c. right there. and you can see the rain in frostburg toward charlottesville now continuing to advance toward the east. even lightning inside of west virginia there. and that storm system that we talked about out in nebraska, here it is. severe weather today, texas, wichita, kansas, that system will slowly advance toward the east. i think giving us another chance for showers. maybe even some thunderstorms on friday. for your afternoon, 70 to 75 degrees. again, keep the umbrella handy for today. showers are going to be very light today. evening showers, too, we've got
5:22 am
the chance. sun set at 7:20. mid 70s today. folks, by wednesday, thursday, very mild, the temperature will be topping out close to 80 degrees. this is may in march. i guess that means then today and tomorrow we've got a chance of seeing just a few then of, what, may showers, right? the weekend not bad either. 70 to 67 saturday to sunday with a chance of rain again on sunday. danella? traffic looks good right now. just like the weather report. man, that looks like some great weather coming up for us. and i'm checking travel speeds and cameras in the district. i'm not seeing any accidents at this time. that's a very good sign. now taking route 50, this is a live look at 50 and the beltway. westbound getting a little volume. you still good travel speed traveling westbound. in fact, making your way from 301 to the beltway, you're at 67 miles per hour. only taking eight minutes to make that trip at this time. now over to the rails, not seeing any reported delays on
5:23 am
the metro, marc, and vre. now if you're traveling along i-66 in virginia, i have your commute. it's up next in ten minutes. joe? >> thank you very much. next month the united states will release census information from the great depression. it's the first time in 72 years the general public will have full access to the 1940 census. parts of the questions had been sealed under privacy protection. 132 million americans lived through the 1930s when unemployment was extremely high and people moved to find work and start new lives. the national archives and records administration will release the full census information on line on april 2. 5:23. anticipation is growing in england now. in a little over two hours, the duchess of cambridge will give her first public speech. kate middleton will speak at a children's hospice facility. she recently became a patron of it. this is video of the duchess handing out sham trox irish guards this weekend. the exact subject of the speech has not been made public.
5:24 am
we hear the speech will be short. the print accepts reportedly practiced the speech with friends and royal family including prince charles. after today's speech the duchess will plant a tree on the ground of the facility. >> i think they had her doing the rain in spain stays -- i doubt she was -- we'll see fancy basketball moves off the court in d.c. today. the harlem globetrotters will dribble and spin their way across the arlington memorial bridge this afternoon toward the lincoln memorial. it's all part of the grand arrival for globetrotter week in d.c. you can see the highly skilled players around 1:30 this afternoon. they'll make the trip more than a mile across the bridge. the globetrotters will make stops at schools, as well, this week. and then they'll play three games saturday and sunday at the verizon center and patriots center in forecast. -- in fairfax county. >> always fun. gilbert arenas is looking to return to the nba. the former wizard will work out with the memphis grizzlies today who are looking for a backup point guard.
5:25 am
the 30-year-old spent seven-plus seasons with washington before being traded to orlando. the magic then released him before the start of the season, and he's been without a team since. hoya fans are probably a bit grumpy this morning as the basketball team is out of the tournament. the three seed hoyas took on north carolina stated yesterday. the wolf pack led by as much as 11 point. but georgetown stormed back late in the game in the final seconds. jason clark has a chance to tie the game. he's a senior. misses. there georgetown falls 66-63. the fifrth straight year they failed to make it to the final. dumfries native and tar heels point guard kendall marshall broke a bone in his wrist when he fell. marshall was knocked to the ground in the win over creighton and used his hand to try to break the fall. the bishop o'connell graduate is left-handed so he's hoping there
5:26 am
is a chance he can still play. the tar heels will play ohio in the sweet 16 on friday. so he has about a week to get things together. >> i hope he heals quickly. >> yeah. >> and not just because i have north carolina going all the way. >> you're not the only one. >> all right. our time is 5:26. coming up, getting ready for another showdown. what's at stake for the republican presidential hopefuls as voters get ready to head to the polls in illinois. asking for a redo. why the attorney for a former virginia lacrosse player says his client deserves a new trial. plus, our beautiful weather gave us the perfect chance to check out the cherry blossoms. now on verizon's 4g lte network.
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looking at the stories making headlines, we're learning more about the army staff sergeant accused of killing 16 civilians. what his lawyer are saying ahead of their meeting today. d.c. police looking for the suspect involved in a stabbing at a nightclub. a 35-year-old man was killed inside the library club in northeast d.c. culpeper county residents discussing a petition to remove
5:30 am
sheriff scott jenkins. he helped put a murder suspect behind bars only to see him released after a judge accused police and prosecutors of misconduct. we'll have much more on those stories throughout the morning. first, good morning to you, i'm eun yang. >> good morning to you, i'm joe krebs. welcome back to "news4 today." monday, march 19th, i hope you all have a very happy st. joseph's day. >> is it st. joseph's day? >> it is. >> is there an order like st. patrick's, then st. joseph's -- >> not i don't what color. i'm going to go with blue. >> a good color. >> there you go. we're not going to have -- i don't know. what kind of weather is typical of st. joseph's day. when you think of st. paddy's day, you think of clouds and rain. >> i think of a beautiful spring day. >> warm today. clouds, lights showers moving in. doesn't mean we'll be cloudy the entire day. here's a look at your hometown forecast. for manassas, virginia, areas in and around there starting at 9:00 a.m. mostly cloudy. close to 60 degrees.
5:31 am
light showers. by this afternoon, 74, 75. showers, maybe a little thunder by 6:00, down to 72 degrees. so right now, we are at 56 degrees. expecting to go up to a high today of 75 degrees. there's a look at radar now. let's see how traffic is looking with danella. good morning. traveling along i-66, volume is increasing. no accidents or delays. sudley westbound, nice and clear. eastbound picking up a little speed. no major delays. a live look making your way past 50, no issues there. in fact, you're looking really good making your way to the beltway. 66 eastbound from fairfax county parkway. no issues to report, volume increasing a bit southbound at father hurley boulevard. you're accident free as you continue toward the split. >> thank you. another win for mitt romney
5:32 am
in decision 2012. the republican presidential candidate picked up 20 delegates in puerto rico ahead of tomorrow's major primary in illinois. the state has more delegates at stake than any other state so far this year except georgia. there is a twist to how those delegates are awarded. tracie potts with more from capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: illinois is a loophole primary. means they have separate votes for president and for the delegates, and the popular vote does not determine what gets the delegates. will it be mitt romney? romney goes into this with momentum after winning those 20 delegates in puerto rico. he also is leading the polls. the latest pie as much as nine points. rick santorum is not on all the ballots in illinois. he didn't qualify in some districts. winning in illinois will be an uphill battle, but he says if he pulls off a surprise win, he thinks he'll eventually get the nomination. what about romney from.
5:33 am
>> can he pull it off? democrats don't think so. >> every time it looks like mr. romney has momentum, he gets set back. he hasn't made the sale to his own party. >> we're only at halftime. i think that this process is going to play itself out. we will have a nominee soon, one, two months away. >> reporter: newt gingrich and ron paul are also on the ballot this week. they don't have a lot of support. gingrich said himself this is primarily between rick santorum and mitt romney. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill. thank you. breaking news right now out of france. police are looking for the shooter who opened fire in front of a jewish school killing several people. news4's aaron gilchrist is live in the newsroom with more. joe, security is being tightened at schools across france as we speak. an adult and two children were killed in the shooting just as
5:34 am
the schoolday was getting started there. this happened at a jewish school in the southwestern part of france. the adult may be a rabbi at the school. the investigation only two hours old. details are limited. we do know that at least two other people were injured. and apparently the shooter got away on a scooter. this happened in the same area where a gunman on a motor bike killed two uniformed paratroopers at a bank machine on thursday. four days before that, a gunman on a motor bike shot and killed a third trooper. those two shootings have been linked by ballistics. we'll see if the shooting is also linked. we've also heard that the french president is now headed to the area to oversee the investigation. if in fact the three cases are linked. back to you. >> bizarre. thank you very much. today the soldier accused of killing 16 civilians will meet with his lawyer for the first time.
5:35 am
john henry brown arrived for his first meet with staff sergeant robert bales. he says it's too early to determine what factors may have played into the incident. sbails being said in solitary confinement at ft. leavenworth, accused of opening fire on civilians last week. the ten-year army veteran is expected to be charged for the shootings this week. lawyers for a former university of virginia lacrosse player convicted in the beating death of his ex-girlfriend are asking for a retrial. a motion was filed on behalf of george huguely on friday. in february he was found guilty of second-degree murder in the death of yaerdly love. a jury recommended he serve 26 years in prison. no sentencing date has been set. speaking out, the man shot at an area restaurant because of his sexual orientation is talking about what happened as the community comes to his aid. winter, we hardly knew you. the record here we seeing across the country before spring even
5:36 am
begins. and it's setting up to be another very nice week. -[ sneezes ] -what are you waiting for?
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the ice rink in pentagon row is closed. it was the last operating day of the season. they will underif renovations to increase the rink by 50 feet and add new areas. when the weather is also like in the 70s, hard to think about ice skating. >> they ought to put lanes at the bottom so people can swim laps. great. >> change it right away. put a little clear many there. >> exactly. veronica johnson has the forecast out there. are those cloudy skies we have? >> those are cloudy skies, joe. the clouds have been moving in the last couple of hours. sunrise, 7:12. we won't see a ton of sun starting out. more sun as the day unfolds. this morning we could get showers. winds are calm, a little fog, too. we're at 56 for a temperature. not too bad. 54 in rockville now. 56 in areas right around d.c., georgetown, too. 55 in falls church. 4 in huntingtown. you see the rain advancing east
5:40 am
and southeastward. i think it gets to us around 9:00 a.m. showers here. we'll hit the mid 60s. about 66 by noontime today. and keep that umbrella handy because even around 5:00 we could see a few passing showers. i don't think we'll is anything heavy or any high winds with those showers that come through. 74 to 75 for a high temperature today. here's the evening planner. by 9:00, pack to the mid 60s. about 66 for a temperature. and even at 11:00 p.m., another one of those mild, crazy evenings with the rain chances continuing. we'll take a look at the seven-day forecast coming up in just a couple of minutes. right now, let's head out to the area roads and see how traffic's looking. danella? thanks. if you're traveling on i-95 in virginia, we'll take a live look right now. as you make your way northbound, out of the occoquan, i am seeing volume here. no major delays just yet. we're moments away from that. as you continue making your way past lorton, as you make your way southbound, as well as northbound, no issues to report. i'll give you a travel speed northbound, looking good at 60
5:41 am
miles per hour. only taking 11 minutes at this time to make your way from the occoquan to the beltway. and if you're taking the rails, still not seeing any reported delays on the metro, marc, and vre. and i'll be back this ten minutes with a look at the beltway. back to you. >> thanks. our time now is 5:41. finding fewer haas tels airport, why -- hassles at the airport. why seniors could have an easier time getting through secured the next time they try to fly. enjoying a d.c. tradition. the service making it easier for you to get downtown and to see check out the cherry
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a man shot inside a d.c. ihop restaurant because he was gay says he hopes his attacker will stay face justice. he spoke with news4. the shooting occurred last weekend at the restaurant in
5:45 am
columbia heights. police do-not-called the case a hate crime. the victim got out of the hospital thursday. he done want to be identified when he spoke with us. he said it's not the first time that he's been targeted because of his sexuality. >> this particular type of hate in the city is nothing new. it's definitely not new to me, though i've never been attacked in this manner. >> anti-hate crime advocates organized a rally in response to the shooting along with two beatings involving a gay man and another involving a transgender woman. that rally is tomorrow at 7:00 at columbia heights ihop on 14th and irving streets. police have not made an arrest in any of these cases. two former metro workers accused of stealing from fare card machines are set to plead guilty in court today. horace mcdade and john hale were arrested in january. prosecutors say the pair would drop off bags of money on the way to the revenue facility and pick them up after their shifts. the two spent most of the money on lottery tickets. police were tipped off after one
5:46 am
of the employees was buying tickets with bags full of coins. a group connected to al qaeda in yemen is claiming responsibility for the killing of an american teacher. officials say a group called the partisans of islamic law shot and killed joel shrum in a drive-by shooting in the southwestern city. the group claims the english teacher from pennsylvania was one of the biggest american proselytizers in the area. the u.s. state department says that it is working with the yemeni officials to find the killers responsible. and police in indonesia killed five suspected terrorists during a raid on the island of bali. the men were believed to be part of an islamic network and suspected in multiple armed robberies in 2010. police received a tip that they were planning more robberies to help finance terrorist activities in that country. indonesia has experienced a rash of terrorist plots and attacks over the past ten years. two british journalist held captive by libyan militia group
5:47 am
will leave the country today. the sweli brigade captured two men, accusing them of having classified documents and pictures from the late leader muammar gadhafi. the two were working for iran's english language press tv when the group kidnapped them. this morning a man facing drunk driving charges after his car got stuck on train track, after then a csx train crashed into it while a crew tried to tow the car. look at the pictures. it happened saturday night in rivedale, maryland. police bought a tow truck -- brought a tow truck in to get it out of there. before they could pull it off a track, a freight train hit both vehicles. no one was inside the vehicles at the time. it's unclear whether the train operator had any warning about the vehicles on the tracks. we're waiting for an autopsy report to find out more about a missing maryland man found at bay. nicholas townsend was last seen canoeing friday morning. he and another man were in the bay when the canoe tipped over,
5:48 am
throwing townsend and another man into the water. the other man was able to swim to shore. he was not hurt. a new report suggests that virginia is at high risk of government corruption. the state got a grade of f in the state integrity investigation released today. the report also ranked virginia 47th among all states for government corruption. a nonpartisan group assessed government accountability and efforts to deter political crime. virginia did score an a for internal auditing and procurement. maryland's house of delegates will be busy this week with multiple measures that could affect the state's budget. the house ways and means committee will review a bill that would raise taxes on most maryland residents. it's already passed in the senate. the house appropriations committee will work on a controversial bill that would split teacher pension costs with the counties. last week, a senate committee proposed a four-year plan to phase in the pension split. a move that most counties are against. leaders of both sides of congress are getting ready for
5:49 am
the release of the new republican budget plan. plan authored by congressman paul ryan is being criticized by democratic leaders. they say it will make cuts to medicare and medicaid to help reduce the budget but does not address tax rates for the wealthy. ryan's budget proposal will be released tomorrow. president obama and most of the first family spent sunday at an historic church in d.c. the president, first lady, and daughter sasha attended service at st. john's episcopal church near lafayette park. the church is used to having presidents in the pughs going back to james madison. when ask good what he and the president talked about, he said basketball brackets. of course. >> what else this time of year? tomorrow is the first official day of astronomical spring. most of us have felt the unseasonably warm weather for a while. much of the country came close to record temperatures in the east and midwest this weekend. farther west, though, winter seems to be hanging on. california skiers are hoping to keep snow around through the month of april.
5:50 am
ha. we're enjoying unseasonably warm temperatures in -- temperatures, other places are getting pummelled with snow. this is flagstaff, aides. parts of the state received two feet of snow shutting down highways. even more expected today. yikes. >> flagstaff always gets snow. >> tomorrow is the start of the annual cherry blossom festival. the unseasonable warm weather forced the national weather service to revise its peak bloom estimates. the blossoms are expected to reach peak bloom tomorrow. if you're heading out, a subtle service is running between hanes point and the thomas jefferson memorial. the cherry blossom festivals runs until april 27. >> a long time after peak. >> yeah. >> will there be any blossoms on the trees by that time? how long do they typically last? >> typically, two weeks. 14 days. we really want them to last as long as possible. that means we don't want a lot of wind and don't want any heavy rain. >> right. >> right now at leaster the next seven days, it doesn't look as
5:51 am
we'll get that. >> good. >> go now while they're peaking. >> while the weather is really nice. let's see what's going on. we've got temperatures in the 70s. d.c. on the map, 75 for the high temperature today. now, look at minneapolis, minnesota. at 76 degrees. those areas up across the midwest and northern plains have been running much above average by about 20 to 25 degrees. we've been running above average by 15 to about 20. everywhere east of the rockies, there's the warm air. that's where it's been. now cold air that's been in the west, we talked about the snow, cold out west, look at santa fe today and new mexico. 39 for the high temperature. that's where some of the snow is that we showed you in areas of higher elevations of new mexico. meanwhile, the cold air as it makes its way eastward, it will be causing storms across texas and oklahoma. for us, it will take some time for that system to make its way eastward. we're in the 50s now. low to mid 50s throughout the entire area.
5:52 am
we've gotten a little fog out there, as well. and a little rain before long. right now we've got a little bit of early showers. these are starting to drop around leesburg and warrenton. more showers feerg charlotteville. advancing to the east. don't think we'll have thunder this morning. but by this afternoon, we could. that line of storms, you can see it there in the midsection, texas, all the way up into areas around kansas, again, by the end of the week, friday, we could have a few showers and thunderstorms from the storm. this afternoon, though, umbrella ready for today, 70 to 75 degrees, light southeast wind at about five to ten miles per hour. sun sets today at 7:20. still mostly cloudy skies. so we'll have a little chunk of sunshine throughout. and some occasional showers throughout the day. 62 to 66 for your evening forecast. here's of the four-day forecast. mid 70s today. 73 for tuesday. both days, tuesday and wednesday, a chance for passing showers. if you want the real warm air,
5:53 am
it is here by midweek. wednesday, thursday, 78 to 79 degrees, close to 80. even friday not too shabby at 75. some rain expected on friday. maybe even a few showers on sunday. danella? >> good morning. i'm checking things out on the beltway. if you're taking the beltway, we'll take a live look, the beltway at montgomery county. a look at colesville road. the outer loop, picking up some steam. inner loop, a little bit of volume here. no major delays, and no accidents to report. outer loop speeds, 58 miles per hour. checking things on the beltway in prince george's county, no issues to report as you make your way past kenilworth avenue. travel speeds, inner loop, 63 miles per hour. only taking nine falcons i-95 to route 50. crossing the wilson bridge into virginia, a live look at the beltway at van dorn street. you see here volume light and travel lanes open on the inner loop and outer loop making that trip to van dorn. you're at 63 miles per hour. only taking six minutes to make the trip.
5:54 am
i'm back this ten with a look at the rails. back to you. >> thanks. 5:53. the chesapeake bay bridge is getting a makeover. while the bridge is getting a good cleaning and fresh coat of paint on the westbound span, toll revenue is paying for the $20 million project. most of the work will be done from barges on the water, but there will be some overnight closures. the project is expected to be finished sometime during the fall of 2013. >> painting the bridge. the scariest job in the world. you may get to see rockets light up the night sky tonight. nasa delayed the launch from last week because of wad bad weather. tonight between 11:00 and 6:30 in the morning, scientists will try to launch five rockets in the span of five minutes from their wallops island facility on the eastern shore. once again, the launch window is between 11:00 at night and 6:30 in the morning. the rockets will release a chemical into the atmosphere that will help scientists study a jet stream. clouds created by that chemical will be seen from south carolina
5:55 am
to new hampshire. . starting today, older travelers will have an easier time getting through airport security. those 75 and older will haven't to take off shoes or light jackets. in most cases they will skip pat-downs and walk through metal detectors or imaging machines. the tsa is testing the program at four airport including chicago o'hare, denver, orlando, and portland. if everything works out well, the tsa will expand the program. younger senior citizens strapped for cash are applying for reverse mortgage. more and more people in their 60s are facing job loss, higher cost of living, and debt. many are now taking out reverse engineers try to get by. the national council on aging found the number of applicants age 62 to 64 is going up 15% from 1999. the average age for someone applying is 71 years old. apparently march is the month to file for divorce. a report by the web site found that more
5:56 am
married couples file for divorce in march than any other month. the group analyzed divorce filings across the country from the past four years. divorces spike in january and reach their peak in late march. one lawyer tells us some families wait until the holidays are over to split to give their children a last celebration. for others, the stress of the holidays pushed them to the point of divorce. today, starbucks is opening its first juice bar. the evolution, fresh juice store, in bell voi, washington. the store will sell fresh and bottled juices, smoothies and food. the menu will include vegan and vegetarian options. for now this are no fresh stores planned for our area. the pilot store will help the company decide whether to expand into the $50 billion health and wellness industry. >> wonder how much the juices will cost. as much as a latte? >> wonchd if it add a flavor of coffee in the juice. who knows? a former mr. universe is 100
5:57 am
and asked the question, where is miss universe? >> that's right. he turned a century saturday. he lives in india. he says the secret to living long is feeling happy and stress free. >> duh. >> he eats a simple diet of fish, fruits, vegetables, lentils, and rice. he says he's never smoked or had an alcoholic beverage. the former bodybuilder won the mr. universe title in 1952 in london. >> congratulations. breaking news out of france after a man opened fire inside a jewish school there. plus, we're having a lot of beautiful spring weather in the nation's capital affecting the cherry blossoms, as well. veronica johnson will have the
5:58 am
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